LivingTree enables a new era of engagement for teachers to collaborate with students and connect with parents to converse, listen and coordinate in the context of our children’s education – in a single, robust coordination and collaboration tool.


Start a true two way dialogue with your class community. Instantly alert your class via e-mail and mobile notification about important information. Share messages, photos, files and more. Include EVERYONE in the conversation with translation to 100+ languages. Create transparency and awareness that engages families and helps them understand how to get involved with your class and take part in their child’s education. From student to room parent to new parent, everyone can share in your private LivingTree community. Realize the benefits of engaged student and family communities.

Group Calendaring

Create shared calendars and activity awareness for your class. Each member, whether parent or student, can contribute to the parent and student calendars within your private class community. Events, sign up needs, RSVPs...your group will be on the same page. Partner with room parents within the shared system to handle volunteer needs, special requests, every day events, and more. We will automatically handle notifications, updates, and reminders to help you engage your students and their families.

Mobile App!

We’re increasingly on the go and often in need of information away from home. Our free mobile apps (Android and iPhone) allow you to keep your community up to date. Converse and share information wherever you are! Your shared content feeds directly to your community; so no one has to search to be engaged.

Private and Secure

LivingTree allows you to converse with your class and school, share a common calendar, privately message, and more! No one can search for you or see your class information. It’s your own private community!

With LivingTree, you can effectively and efficiently share and manage a child’s experience in-and out of-the classroom.

It's FREE!

Just a few of our LivingTree Schools

Gain back valuable time and reduce frustration while actively engaging your parent and student community.

Organize class life

Spend less time coordinating. Automatically update the student and parent calendars of every student in your class when you post a new event, including sign ups and volunteer needs.

Engage parents

We help you provide more transparency into your classroom, and that creates more engaged parents and students. Whether it's for volunteering, conference sign-ups, or parent chaperones - LivingTree creates a more engaged community.

Share child development

Post stories of the subtle things that happen each day in class, make comments, share photos and more. Parents can join the conversation with you and take a more active role in engaging their child with rich discussion. With LivingTree, it’s private and safe.

It's FREE!