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Principals, teachers, and parents already love LivingTree! Activate your district community network and build the village!

LivingTree's Tiered Social Network builds around natural communication flow with a unique hierarchical model, allowing districts to seamlessly communicate, coordinate, and engage up, down, and across their rich network.

LivingTree brings a new level of community, awareness, and rhythm across your district, school, and classroom communities – with families at the epicenter.

Community Conversation

You and your staff can instantly alert your community by e-mail and mobile notification, as well as post information, comment, share documents or photos and more with each other, with parents in the school, or even inside class communities. EVERYONE can share with translation to 100 languages. Parents get these posts and updates and can comment and share in one safe and private place, on the Web, iPhone, or Android.

Community Engagement

A more transparent and family friendly community creates a more engaged community. District transparency into every school and principal transparency into every classroom on a daily basis drives heightened awareness while increased family engagement and volunteer involvement enables a tighter partnership in the development of our children.

Group Calendaring

Automatically update parent calendars at the district, school or class level. Include Sign Up and Volunteer needs – reminders and notices are fully integrated! Spend less time figuring out how to communicate and coordinate with your staff and parent communities and more time educating!

Community Anchor

The school is truly the community anchor. Parent-teacher, homeroom, after school, school sports, and other organizations can integrate into the network while parents can build out the teams and clubs associated with their children so that all information and scheduling is in a single place, allowing them to more deeply engage within their children’s education and activities.

LivingTree is a uniquely tiered, private and robust collaboration solution for School Districts.

Other products fall short where LivingTree excels in building community and driving engagement. We created a comprehensive solution that builds around families and delivers a single, safe place for conversation, coordination, and awareness.

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